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Author: Nikki

I'm a memorial jeweller by trade and mum to Ayla and Sebastian, wife to The Viking (Hakun) and my favourite place in the world is Tabora, Tanzania. In 2012 whilst volunteering at a feeding centre for orphans and vulnerable kids, I learnt about menstrual poverty and how teens miss up to 20% of their education due to non-attendance during their bleeds. After our miscarriage between Ayla and Sebastian, I learnt about cloth menstrual pads and decided to found this charity to take pads out to Tanzania. I love to travel, read, craft and learn new languages.
Feb 08

The Pads – History of Developing The Pattern

Our pads were designed in 2015 by Bec Torrens of Earthshine Luxe, an experienced pad maker. Bec and I were looking at cloth nappies (diapers) and realised that many of the┬ábrands out there were in two parts. My own mum used terry nappies on me using an origami-like folding method to create a triangle that’s […]

Jan 03

A New Website!

Welcome to our new website. It might seem bare at the moment but we’re working hard to get it all up and running as soon as possible.