Frequently Asked Questions from Project Kidogo cloth menstrual pads in Tanzania


Please see our frequently asked questions, FAQ’s, below and get in touch if there’s anything you think we should add!

1. How do I donate?
A: Here’s our PayPal link where you can donate once as a service and we pay fees because it’s not a Friends and Family donation. You can send money to too. We’re applying for discounts in fees as a non-profit and have a Non Profit Organisation account. You could also purchase something for us if you’d prefer, for example paying towards some Zorb fabric, please just get in touch.

2. Are you a registered charity?
A: We’re in the process of registering as a charity with the HMRC in the UK so we can claim Gift Aid from your donations. Once we receive at least £5000 we can become a registered charity with the Charities Commission. We are registering as an NGO (non-governmental organisation) in Tanzania for our work there.

3. Who are your trustees?
A: Our UK trustees are Nicola (Nikki) Kamminga, Andi Leigh and Kerry Beety. Our Tanzanian trustees are Deus Ntiruka and Beatrice Zoya.