Children have to walk miles in Tanzania to get clean water for their families. If they have an education and can work, they can buy water locally

Our Aims

We aim to provide safe, sustainable and effective reusable menstrual pads to teens in Tanzania and training for disadvantaged people to sew the pads. You can read our Governing Documents (coming soon). Here are our Charitable Objectives/charitable purposes:

For public benefit, the
[1] relief of poverty by provision of menstrual care items
[2] advancement of education and vocational training by educating the public on (a) sustainable menstrual care, (b) improvement of attitudes towards menstruation, and (c) the production of reusable menstrual products for income generation
[4] advancement of health by promotion of activities supporting menstrual and gynecological hygiene, HIV/AIDS prevention and education, anti FGM education
[8] promotion of equality and diversity by the elimination of discrimination on the grounds of sex
[9] advancement of environmental protection by the promotion of sustainable menstrual hygiene management
To impoverished menstruating teens and widows in Tanzania, by providing them with sustainable menstrual products and associated skills and education.