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Questionnaire We Give To Teens

schoolgirl writing questionnaire, Project Kidogo reusable menstrual pad charity

Here is the questionnaire we give to teens in Tanzania such ash schoolgirls, young women living in poverty, recent school leavers. It is to give us some information about their situation and to ask them open questions about their pad useage and to give them the opportunity to provide feedback.

We tell them it’s important not to put their name although we ask for school/district to see how things change in different areas.

1. Age
2. Guardian at home (eg Mum, Grandparent)
3. Location
4. School
5. Did your parents/someone else teach you? Or did you learn from friends?
6. Do you use kanga (folded fabric) or disposable pads or something else for your periods?
7. If you have used disposables, did you buy them or someone else?
8. Do you know how disposables they cost? Are they expensive?
9. If you’ve used disposables do you bury them after or something else?
10. Have you heard about washable pads?
11. Would you use washable pads?
12. What do you think could be any problems for you with washable pads?

Demonstration and gift of kit (if they would like it)
13. Do you think these washable pads would help you attend school more often?
14. Do you have any suggestions for our charity to help people in your situation?

Thank you so much for your feedback and we hope you enjoy your kit.