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Vaccinations for the Kammingas

vaccinations before travelling to Tanzania for charity work

Nikki here with a quick update. It’s just over three weeks till I’m off to Tanzania again along with husband Hakun and their two little ones. The past week has meant vaccinations for all of us so we’re recovering from that with sore arms and the knowledge that we’re a little more protected. Our eldest even asked if she could go back for another injection because she wanted another sticker!

The packing list is pretty well under-way. It’s similar to the list Andi and I made for our March trip but with more kids’ things. Hakun has a beautiful multi-tool and Kindle coming for Father’s Day and his birthday along with some pants our youngest chose for him, but our favourite buy was actually in the Poundshop in Bristol’s The Galleries. Didn’t even realise they sold clothes but we picked up a bunch of things there to help protect our skin from the mozzies in Tabora. My mosquito prevention goes like this in the evenings: quick wash with a flannel before it gets dusky, good spray of DEET (we buy 100% then water it down to 50% with water, giving it a good shake before each use) then an outfit of long cotton/viscose trousers tucked into long fleece socks, and a long sleeved cotton top tucked into the trousers. Some more DEET on the ankles and wrists and a soaked hairband too. We then light some anti-mosquito insence in the bedroom and tuck the nets down. Brush teeth and a little reading whilst the room fumigates then it’s clear in the room. I’ll put the kids in bed with some books and a head torch each so Hakun and I can work uninterrupted in the evenings.

Buying clothes to take seems strange at first but we’ll be leaving most of our things there when we return to the UK – giving away clothes and shoes, storing a few things with our friend Deus, and the trip back will be pretty minimal packing-wise. The trip over will involve a fair amount of stuff as Smalls For All are sending us three huge boxes of knickers for the packs.

Our suitcases will be filled with citronella bands, DEET and ammonia just in case we do get bitten. We’re about as prepared as we can be and so excited to be going out again. The kids are looking forward to seeing new animals and learning a little Swahili. More to follow soon!
Nikki Kamminga
Founder and Trustee